Halide Instant Raw

I recently cleared up a longstanding confusion I had about Halide. I thought you could export a RAW image that had been processed with Instant RAW as a RAW file and continue your edits in another program, such as Lightroom or Darkroom. It turns out that you can’t. Instant RAW is a proprietary process, so Halide doesn’t send the adjustments it has made when you export as RAW. To use Instant RAW as a starting point, you have to export as JPEG and edit that file, which limits the range of edits that you can apply.

I often like what Instant RAW does with my photos, but I’d still like to do a bit more with them. If my understanding of the Adobe docs is right, DNG files can store this kind of information, so it’s not impossible. It’d be nice if Halide’s makers could work something out with the Darkroom people to transfer the adjustments but to obfuscate them in some way.

That said, my pictures are not photographic masterpieces. I’m probably not losing much by exporting them as JPEG and making a few minor edits except the geeky satisfaction of knowing that I’m editing in RAW.