Notes on Fellowship of the Ring

We watched Tenet the evening before last so to give our aching brains a rest we went for simpler fare last night—The Fellowship of the Ring.

We watched this a tonne of times back in Japan, but only on a tiny TV that didn’t even do DVDs justice. Watching it on a larger screen with better resolution was something else. There were so many details I had never noticed before, despite the many times I’ve seen it. One that stood out was a long shot of Aragorn in silhouette stepping out onto a ledge on Weathertop. Although I know I have, I felt as though I’d never seen it before.

We went for the theatrical release rather than the extended one, mainly because it has Japanese subtitles. A couple of the extra scenes that I missed and would have liked to see again were the giving of the gifts when the fellowship leaves Lothlorien and Boromir’s funeral. A lot of work went into getting details of the model of Boromir that goes over the falls just right and none can be seen in the theatrical version. Such a pity!

Never in my life, even when I was a freshly born baby, has my skin ever been as smooth as Elijah Woods’ in this film.